Transform your skin and your life with My Butterfly. As an Independent Consultant, you’ll have a new source of income that’s totally in your control. You can be your own boss, set your own hours, earn extra income or extraordinary income! This is a business on your own terms and truly about you becoming beautifully balanced in your personal and professional life.

We are truly transforming lives, not to mention transforming skin. Our rich compensation plan offers 12 ways to earn income and authentic family culture and vision for the future makes us one of the best new social selling companies out there. At My Butterfly, we celebrate beauty from the inside out, we desire to inspire our consultants to live a life they've only dreamed of, we embrace entrepreneurialism and we invite you to spread your wings and fly with us!

Please see Twelve Ways to Earn Income, the Compensation Plan, and the Preferred Client Program for details.

Enrollment Packs

Beauty Achiever Pack

$499 (Over $1000 Value)

The Beauty Achiever Pack, valued at more than $1000, gives you all of the products, sales and marketing tools necessary to successfully launch your Beauty Empire. You will experience My Butterfly's superior technology and skincare products, and the guests at your Beauty Hours will see their skin transformed as well. Also included is your personal replicated website and access to My Butterfly's branded social media platform.

Total Product Contents

  • 3 Rechargeable Power Pods
  • 9 Eye Power Infusion Patches
  • 9 Lip Power Infusion Patches
  • 9 Brow Power Infusion Patches
  • 4 Youth Serum HA
  • 4 Exfoliating Cream Cleanser
  • 4 Power Perfect Skin Prep
  • 1 Enrollment Pack

Beauty Pack

$199 ($350 Value)
Available for Eye, Lip or Brow

We have a patch for that! Choose from either the Eye, Brow or Lip Skin Rejuvenation System and receive 1 month of refills + your personal replicated website and My Butterfly's branded social media platform.

Total Product Contents

  • 1 Rechargeable Power Pod
  • 9 Eye, Brow or Lip Power Infusion Patches
  • 1 Youth Serum HA
  • 1 Exfoliating Cream Cleanser
  • 1 Power Perfect Skin Prep
  • 1 Enrollment Pack

Enrollment Pack


Total Product Contents

  • Welcome Letter
  • Getting Started Check List
  • Comp Plan Overview
  • 12 Ways to Earn
  • Fast Start to Success
  • 10 Catalogs
  • 10 Order & Enrollment Forms
  • Presentation Folder
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